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Italian-Americans say CUNY must
uphold their affirmative action status

"CUNY is not a welcoming institution to Italian-Americans,” said Joseph Scelsa, president of the Italian-American legal group, founder and president of the Italian-American Museum and former head of CUNY’s John Calandra Italian-American Institute, as reported in the New York Post story  ...........Now the nation’s largest umbrella group representing Italian-Americans, the Conference of Presidents of Major Italian-American Organizations, is threatening to sue CUNY if the chancellor refuses to provide a new affirmative-action pledge.“This letter is to further put you on notice that if CUNY’s bias toward the Italian American community’s Affirmative Action program is not timely and appropriately addressed, the Conference of Presidents will join with the Italian American Legal Defense and Higher Education Fund, Inc. in pursuing all legal and political options available to our community to rectify this situation,” the group’s president, Basil Russo, said in a Jan. 14 letter to Chancellor Matos-Rodriguez.




Why So Many Italian American Voted for Trump?

"I never knew quite when or how it happened, only that it seemed to be a dramatic shift towards an ideology, and an ideologue, that bore no resemblance to anything I remembered. But in 2016, 44 percent of Italian Americans voted for Donald Trump, and many of them continue to support him in 202 . . .  Perhaps in the race to become heroes, Italian Americans have indeed forgotten our humble beginnings." Read the full story by Virginia DiGaetano at Donald Trump and his Italian-American Supporters

ItalianAmericans for Trump





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